10 Day Water Fast

10 Day Water Fast

This is the introduction to the video diaries. It is about what to expect on a 10 DayWater Fast.

Basically, drinking water only for 10 days.

Having some ginger tea (2 slices of fresh ginger in boiling water).

Using supplements to help your elimination organs like milk thistle for your liver and you can also add half a teaspoon of Himalaya pink salt to one or two glasses of water a day, this will help with weakness.

Many people are not happy about water fasting so you may get some resistance from your doctor, nutritionist, friends or family. The only time I would recommend you be careful is if you have a chronic disease of some sort and so to start slowly. Maybe starting by cutting out sugar and caffeine first, then cutting out meat then doing a raw food fast before going into a water fast.

When fasting, often past ailments will come to the surface. You may have a dormant virus that gets shaken up and eliminated. So expect it.

Try your best to drink clean filtered water. Depending on your size, drink between 2 and 3.5 litres of water a day. Don’t drink too much as it will put strain on your kidneys. When breaking the fast, go for organic fruit and veggies.

Anything more than a 3 day fast will boost your immune system.

Your elimination organs are lungs, liver, kidneys and skin. When fat breaks down, after a process it is excreted in your urine, sweat and exhaled through the lungs so make sure you breathe deeply as often as you can.

You can use the Louise Hay “Heal Your Body” to feel out what emotional issues are related to the physical issues you have.

Lymphasising moves your lymphatics.