House Clearing

House Clearing

A House Clearing is the Spiritual practice of getting rid of any old, stagnant or negative energy from your home which could be a house you have lived in for a while, a house you have just moved into or a newly built house. Your home is a sanctuary where you go to rejuvenate after a hard day at work, it is a place where you relax with your loved ones. It needs to feel harmonious and peaceful, somewhere that feels safe and sacred for your family to connect.

The reasons you may need to do a house clearing are: You may be finding that your family are not sleeping well, are having unnecessary arguments, are getting ill a lot or there just seems to be a lot of anger and frustration in the family. If it is a new home you may want to get rid of any negative energy that came from problems with construction or any residue from workers.

By burning sage, we smudge the home. We use the smoke to clear out any old, stagnant and negative energy. Once this is done we do a blessing and a few rituals to invite positive energy in and then do any specific intentions you would like to bring to your home.

When a home is filled with harmony, it is a place of peace and renewal where you can refresh your life. Blessing a house honours it and creates a sacred space for the people living there.

The cost of a consultation is R800 or more if it is a very large house and consists of a telephonic conversation discussing your needs and then an appointment where I will need about two hours of your time to do the clearing.

House Clearing is an important part of Feng Shui.