Food Combining

Food Combining

The following is a basic idea of food combining. Remember to stick to nature which does not have any additives.

Breakfast: -fresh fruit; fresh fruit with natural yoghurt and nuts; muesli and natural yoghurt; muesli with natural yoghurt, fruit and nuts; oats or maize porridge.

Lunch: salad and avocado pear; corn on the cob; baked potato and

salad; fresh fruit and nuts; fresh home made vegetable soup; baked potato and vegetables.

Dinner: vegetable stir-fry; chicken and salad; fish and salad; brown rice and vegetables; baked potato and vegetables; brown rice and lentils with vegetables; vegetable casserole; bean soup; brown rice salad.

Snacks: eat fresh fruit as this will keep your energy levels up and help with any cravings for sweet foods that you may have.

Remember whenever you are about to sit down to a meal, look at your plate and make sure that 70%-80% of the food is alkaline food — fruit and vegetables.

For athletes who wish to carbo-load stick to nature foods such as potatoes, brown rice, vegetables, beans, corn, barley, legumes and nuts with fresh fruit in between This will carry your blood sugar longer over a far greater period and not plunge the way refined carbohydrates such as pasta, bread, and white rice are inclined to do.

There are many natural aids for losing weight. Be very careful when choosing something to assist you with your diet. Some of them are very strong and if you are sensitive or have High Blood Pressure, etc you could find you do not cope well. Some of the supplements have large doses of caffeine in them and you might find yourself buzzing or feeling like you are floating. There has been some excellent results with Apple Cider Vinegar and there is plenty more to choose from. Ask your health care practitioner or e-mail me for more information.