The Intense Detox and Liver Cleanse

The Intense Detox and Liver Cleanse

The intense detox works with what you can endure mentally, emotionally and physically. If you know your body and can read it well, do what ever feels right. If you have any medical disorders of any sort I would recommend that you do not follow the intense detox, stick to the mild detox. Start with drinking water only for as many days as possible. I have managed eight days quite happily. It is important that you are able to rest as your energy levels become very low and you will not be able to carry on as usual. I know of people who have done this for six weeks, so it is possible. It is only necessary to go for long periods if you are trying to eliminate a specific drug or chemical. Three to seven days seem to be the average time endured. If you wish to add the Liver cleanse I would recommend you do it on day two and then continue with water only after.

Liver Cleanse
700ml cold pressed Olive oil, 10 Lemons, Epson salts, Glauber salts.

Mix 100ml Olive Oil and 50ml Lemon juice and drink in one go. Repeat this every half an hour, seven times. After the seventh dose wait for one hour and then drink one tablespoon of Epson salts and one tablespoon of Glauber salts dissolved in half a cup of water. It takes between a half hour and two hours to work and is an intense purge which lasts for an hour or two. I could feel a noticeable difference after this clean out.

When you have got to the stage that you have been drinking water for as many days as your body says you need (because most of its eliminating has been done), you begin the following day by juicing fresh fruit (no bananas) and drinking it very slowly to give your stomach a chance to get used to a more solid food. Drink fresh squeezed juice for two or three days and then you may start to eat fruit. From the time you start to eat fruit you can carry on with the mild detox diet.

I would recommend you do the 24 hour no food or water on the fourth day if you feel it is necessary. This is to drain any excess fluids you may have sitting in your organs, cells ,etc. It helps the detox to work at a deeper level.

It is very important that you listen to your body as it will tell you exactly where it stands with what you are doing. You will know when you are pushing too far and you will also know when you can go a bit further.

If you have any further questions, remember you can e-mail me for information. You can e-mail me about anything personal that may assist you through this process. I will get back to you at the soonest possible time with as much info that I feel is necessary.